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The bath of Sant’Agnese

While Saint Agnes was in the convent in Montepulciano, her body was racked by a terrible illness. In a desperate quest for a remedy, she learned how a similar disease had been cured with the spring water that was found just outside Chianciano. The Saint set off with Friar Meo, an oblate devoted to her, and went to Chianciano to immerse herself in the healing spring. As soon as she entered the water, manna rained down from the sky, covering the place, so passers-by thought it was snow which was incredible given that it was summertime. When Agnes got out of the water, those present noticed that a new spring had bubbled up where she had immersed her body. Many ill people immediately got better when they immersed themselves in this water. This same water when taken to many sick people, who were too ill to move, cured them. This phenomenon was so striking that one day the pool was called Sant’Agnese after Saint Agnes. The miracle is still remembered today in Chianciano where the Saint is venerated in particular.