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An authentic land

  • Massimo Mercanti

    “Cetona, choosing a sustainable lifestyle”

  • Franco Cicerchia

    “Me, the last heir of a school of ceramicists”

  • Roberto Betti

    “Everything depends on water”

  • Aladina Papini

    “The awe that Fellini inspired”

  • Maria Angela Turchetti

    “A glorious past has changed the landscape”

  • Francesco Reali

    “The rise and fall of a power”

  • Simone Agostinelli

    “A lake, a community, a host of passions”

  • Alamanno Contucci

    “My family has produced wine for at least one thousand years”

  • Riccardo Pizzinelli

    “A strategic place at a crossroads”

  • Giampietro Colombini

    “A piazza made for man”

  • Fabio Pellegrini

    “Utopia in city form”

  • Stefania Gori

    “Making pici, manual skills passed down the generations”

  • Ferruccio Nazareno

    “A welcome relief in our frenzied rush through life”

  • Laura Fatini

    “The theatre, a trench that unites, from Monticchiello to Sarteano”

  • Martina Stockinger

    “Arriving from far away and immediately feeling at home”

  • Giovanni Corti

    “The white giant, symbol of the Val di Chiana”

  • Leonardo Canuti

    “Every town, lots of associations: the pride of belonging”

  • Ferrer Mauro Momicchioli

    “The academy, a surviving vestige of culture”

  • Fosco Graziani

    “I came from the countryside, became an artisan and set up my own business. The factories were growing”

  • Franco Bardi

    “Quality always pays”

  • Giuseppe Lorenzetti

    “Everyone in the town made pots”

  • Riccardo Lorenzetti

    “Mysticism and the pride of belonging”

  • Filippo Contini

    “Piazza del Cassero and the arrest of the hero of two worlds”